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Emotional Wellbeing
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What is a life coach - and why you need one to break free of your problems

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According to the ICF Global Coaching Study of 2020, life coaching is the second most thriving industry that grows by 6.7% each year. This number just goes to show that we are all humans with a certain baggage, and in such cases professional help is unavoidable. In this article, we will go through the concept of a life coach, how these specialists can help you solve personal issues, and how to choose a professional meant just for you. 

Who is a life coach?

A life coach is a certified professional who analyzes concerns, builds a dialogue and together with a client seeks answers to the questions that stand in the way to a better life. Using the vast field of expertise that combines psychology and behavior change, life coaches offer a step-by-step solution that serves as a pathway to personal success. 

In other words, a life coach is like a reliable friend who listens to you, knows how to help you, but is devoid of subjective criticism and judgment. So if you feel uncertain about the future of your relationships, don’t know how to get out of your comfort zone, or simply lack motivation to achieve big things, life coaching contains answers to your questions. 

What areas of life can a coach help you improve? 

Life coaching covers a wide range of aspects that are critical to achieving your goals and reaching an expected level of fulfillment. These include:

Wellness. A wellness coach specializes in shaping and developing healthy habits to improve your state of wellbeing and help you set achievable goals. If you want to quit smoking or drinking, strive to eat better food and get rid of stress, you can – and will – benefit from sessions with a wellness coach. 

Personal development. Transformational coaching gives a helping hand whenever you feel lost and don’t know which way to turn. For example, specialists at RiseSpace help their clients to find life purpose through reframing of typical behavioral and thinking patterns. By practicing mindset coaching, clients figure out what they really want in life, become more confident and set clear objectives based on a result-oriented course of action. 

So if you have a low sense of self-worth or feel like your thoughts, ideas and energy are flowing in the wrong direction, a transformational coach will tap into your strengths and guide you towards constant self-improvement.    

Career. Career coaching intends to help you gain awareness about your true professional objectives using evidence-based principles of coaching. Regular sessions with a career coach will encourage you to build better relationships with your colleagues and yourself, as well as find your career path by following your own sense of purpose. 

A career coach will also help you overcome challenges that prevent you from growing professionally, including burnout, conflicts in the workplace, lack of career opportunities, and low income. 

Relationships. When it comes to relationship issues, it’s important to analyze the context that leads to conflicts or misunderstandings. Relationship coaching will help you recognize the problem of any character and release tension between you and your partner. As a result, your family life will improve and flourish with respect, proper communication and active listening to the needs of a loved one. 

A relationship coach can also help you get over a painful breakup, regain confidence and find new love. You’ll bring peace and harmony into your life again and learn to make better decisions when starting a love journey with your new partner.  

Productivity. To live a life where you have time for everything, you need to stay aware, both mentally and physically. For this, productivity coaches at RiseSpace are just the right specialists you can address to beat procrastination, overcome fatigue, make decisions with confidence and improve your mental focus. 

Using the principles of positive mindset development, our professionals will navigate you toward emotional stability and control over internal triggers. Finally, you’ll learn how to approach your tasks positively and manage your time effectively, just like you always wanted.  

What results will you get after working with a life coach?

Based on the issue you want to solve, life coaching will help you to not only overcome a specific problem but also open multiple doors to new, positive changes. After a series of productive sessions with your coach, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve self-confidence, increase awareness, and regain courage
  • Build a harmonious relationship with your partner
  • Set and achieve ambitious career and life goals   
  • Be more content with your state of emotional health and wellbeing
  • Find new hobbies and daily activities to unleash your creative potential 
  • Identify your key strengths and weaknesses
  • Make important life decisions without overthinking potential outcomes
  • Get rid of procrastination, build resilience and create a productive daily routine

To have a better grasp of how life coaching works in practice, here’s a before vs after comparison based on the feedback from clients who worked with our coaches:


The Bottom Line

When life throws challenges at you, it’s hard to let go of negative emotions and find the right solution to move forward. At times like these, a life coach is always ready to help when you want to hit the ground running but don’t know how to do it on your own. 

To make more informed decisions and fall in love with your new self, it helps to first think about your future. This short exercise will help you visualize the perfect future you want for yourself before discussing it with a life coach.