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Alicia F.

May 4, 2022

At RiseSpace, I learned what caused my stress at work and discovered ways to make my needs met. Now I know when I need to stop over-committing and establish healthy boundaries to keep the work-life balance in check. Thanks to the best career coach who supported me all the time, I don’t feel worn out anymore.

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Laura P.

Feb 24, 2022

I had very insightful coaching sessions where I learned how to increase my income. Although I loved my job, I still didn’t feel great about being underpaid. My coach helped me identify my financial goals first and then matched my skills with a much higher-paying position. Turns out my happiness was all about picking the right approach, and I’m glad my career coach helped me do that.

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Terri R.

May 1, 2022

I felt like I was underappreciated in my previous place of work. Everyone was taking me for granted no matter how much effort I put into my job. My boss even refused to give me a raise because I was ‘not outstanding enough’. Thankfully, I stopped this attitude at the right moment when I first tried career coaching services. I got the encouragement I needed to leave the unhealthy environment and move forward.

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Kathy J.

Feb 19, 2022

While working with my RiseSpace coach, I realized what career I should pursue to finally settle down and be happy with what I do. I needed to put my life on pause a bit and have an honest inner talk to understand what really makes me tick. It was a stimulating experience, and it’s definitely worth it. My recommendation!

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Overcome career challenges with ease

Career coaching opens a wide road of positive changes in your life. With the right specialist at hand, you’ll find the happiness and success you deserve, which is especially important if you:

  • Got stuck in the mid-career crisis, bored to tears of what you’re doing
  • Suffer from burnout and need help with self-motivation
  • Want to join the ranks of high earners
  • Have a good run of work but are looking for a change
  • Wish to get into a competitive profession with little or no experience
  • Want to sharpen soft skills and have better relationships with colleagues
  • Aspire to have a more engaging semi-retirement career
  • Want to start your own business

Career coaches will help you step up

Career management coaching is designed to give you the time-tested instruments for getting things that are currently out of your reach. Together with a certified coach, you’ll reflect on the fundamental aspects of your identity to determine where your competencies and interests stand in the career landscape.

You will analyze limitations, doubts and uncertainties that hinder your progress, and set a clear action plan so you can reach success in any sphere as effectively as possible.

  • Woman achieving career goals with the help of a career coach

    Pursue ambitious career goals

  • Decision making in favor of ambitious and prosperous career

    Figure out your real needs

  • Goal achievements made easy with career coaching

    Overcome burnout & stay motivated

  • Professional brand building with the help of a career coach

    Build your professional brand

  • Man landing the job of his dreams after career coaching sessions

    Land the job you always wanted

  • Salary increase and financial stability as a result of career coaching

    Increase your income

Unlock 4 critical elements of career satisfaction

  • Woman following an action plan after career coaching sessions


    Together with a career coach, you’ll learn to hear your inner voice and all it has to say about your driving values, passions, strengths and weaknesses. Your coach will also ask navigating questions to track down the core of discontent with your current circumstances. After a while, you’ll notice a steep drop-off in mental blocks that slow down your growth and reach the desired goals faster, whether it’s a promotion or a job you’re dreaming about.

  • Man enjoying financial freedom after working with a career coach

    Fair compensation

    Get the payment you deserve without insecurities or doubt. A career coach will empower you with confidence and share the tactics of successful salary negotiations. You’ll develop a positive mindset and reveal the strongest of your professional skills. You’ll also learn to trust your own judgment, use the right language and get a better deal that aligns with your expectations. Your manager will forget about the ‘non-negotiable’ scenario!

  • Confident woman with great potential and career ambitions


    Career coaching will make you revise the way you think about work in relation to your driving forces. From changing your attitude to the current role to switching jobs or starting your own demo, you’ll understand what you really expect from yourself in the long run. Knowing this will unfold the motivation behind your desires and boost your inspiration to fire on all cylinders. You’ll be surprised to know how much you can achieve and how far you can go!

  • Colleagues having great relationship after career coaching

    Appreciation for your work

    Regain the feeling of self-worth and ditch the unloved job where your daily input just ‘doesn’t count’. You’ll take an important step ahead and leave a toxic workplace that drains you emotionally. A career coach will help you find a prominent role and build the social ties that’ll power up your work with more meaning and value. Most importantly, you’ll land a position that perfectly matches your interests and expectations.

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