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Valery T.

May 16, 2022

After three months of life coaching sessions, I managed to build the confidence and not let anyone steer my life for me again. The coach did an amazing job explaining how to accept, invite and embrace my insecurities, while also giving the tools to unleash my inner potential.

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Molly D.

Feb 4, 2022

When I got stuck at my job, every day there was filled with apathy and no sense of direction. But then I discovered career coaching and finally got out of this trap. My coach asked strategic questions that helped me realize exactly where I needed to go. Now I have an amazing job I’m so excited about, all thanks to RiseSpace.

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Jessica C.

May 16, 2022

I always had issues with productivity and self-motivation. I got into trouble every time I tried to make an important decision or finish projects in time. But the coach taught me to accept my situation and then gradually improve it without feeling overwhelmed. Now that I can handle emotions, I get almost every task done successfully.

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Sandra R.

Feb 4, 2022

If you want to build romantic competence, try RiseSpace. My coach has really helped to turn my current relationship from sour to sweet in weeks! I started using positive talk to recover from fights, understand my partner’s needs, and manage unwanted behaviors. This allowed us to grow together as a couple and live in complete harmony.

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How RiseSpace works

  1. Take a short test

    Answer a few questions about your current life so we can learn more about you and identify main areas of improvement

  2. Connect with a life coach

    Get quickly matched with a certified life coach. We only work with experienced specialists who know how to help you

  3. Start your transformation

    Begin an exciting journey of self-improvement with a life coach. Have regular sessions and become a better version of yourself

Why RiseSpace?

  • We put convenience first:

    Connect with your life coach anytime from any place, get regular support and guidance in a safe chat, and book video sessions on demand.

  • We create custom coaching experiences:

    Get personalized growth planning from your coach, receive individuals self-care exercises for consistent growth and a unique approach tailored to your needs.

  • We bring meaningful advantages:

    84% of RiseSpace members notice a visible improvement in their life quality, develop healthy habits, and feel more confident about their lives.

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Choose your area of improvement

  • Happy couple holding their hands after relationship coaching sessions


    Reach a level of total harmony with your partner, overcome toxic relationships, and stay in line with your emotional needs

  • Successful man enjoying his job as a result of career coaching sessions


    Change your career mindset, follow a path of self-actualization, increase confidence and build financial satisfaction

  • Woman multitasking easily after learning productivity hacks from her life coach


    Learn effective time management techniques to stay laser-focused and productive at all times

  • Woman watering a flower and enjoying the advantages of personal development sessions with a life coach

    Personal development

    Remove mental blocks, understand your core needs and achieve daily goals with passion and sense of meaning

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Janell C.

Career coaching

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Jill D.

Career coaching

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Toni P.

Relationship coaching

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Renee L.

Personal development coaching

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Geogina R.

Productivity coaching

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Alice W.

Relationship coaching

Are you a coach? Join our network

Get where you belong with the right coach

  • A pool of 300+ professionals with life coaching certification

  • Evidence-based and goal-oriented coaching model

  • Complete trust and privacy in your coach–client relationship

  • Active work on wellbeing across your mind, spirit and feelings

  • Realistic and successful goal attainment for a better you

Frequently asked questions

  • Life coach vs therapist: what’s the difference?

    Therapy helps people recover from mental health issues and traumatic events. Life coaching, on the other hand, focuses on personal growth and goal setting. A life coach motivates and inspires to handle life challenges effectively, get unstuck and achieve meaningful advantages.

  • Do I need a life coach?

    If you want to find purpose in life, change your career, fix broken relationships or boost productivity, you need a life coach. With professional guidance and support, you will elevate your life, get the energy you need to change destructive habits, and reach goals much faster.

  • Is life coaching legit?

    Yes, life coaching is a practice that requires proper knowledge and education to help people improve their lives. At RiseSpace, we work with vetted specialists who have ICF certification and apply the evidence-based coaching model at the core of lasting personal transformation.

  • How long does the coaching process take?

    The duration of a coaching program depends on several key factors: the goals you’re trying to achieve, your commitment to change, the frequency of coaching sessions and motivation to complete self-care exercises. Thus, the whole process can vary from a few weeks to a year and more.

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