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Get the best of your relationship – now and ever

Pave your way to healthy and joyful love with the help of a relationship coach.

Evidence-based coaching for your growth and positive transformation. Breeze through relationship issues and live in harmony.

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Turn problems into solutions

Relationship coaching respects your past, but opens the window to your future. Getting professional support from a coach is a great way to give your partnership a fresh start, especially if:

  • Your marriage is a lot like an old habit
  • You want to feel loved and respected
  • Your partner doesn’t hear or understand you
  • You want to get over a breakup
  • Your relationship always keeps you on the edge
  • You're looking for a significant other
  • You’re moving through life at different speeds
  • You want to reunite with your ex

Build a love life you deserve

Relationship coaching is designed to help you build a loving and strong partnership – just like it’s supposed to be. Using the evidence-based approach, our relationship coaches will guide you through the process of self-understanding, so you can figure out what’s missing in your love life.

  • Couple kissing under the rain after relationship coaching sessions

    Embrace changes in your relationship

  • Broken heart healed after getting over breakup with the help of a relationship coach

    Get over breakup

  • Searching for new love with the help of relationship coaching

    Find new love

  • Attracting the love of ex partner after long separation

    Get your ex back

  • Woman managing conflicts easily with the help of relationship coaching

    Manage conflicts – big & small

  • Couple trusting each other and holding hands after sessions with a relationship coach

    Regain trust and honesty

Unlock 4 pillars of a thriving relationship

  • Woman getting back with her ex boyfriend after relationship coaching sessions

    True love

    When getting back with someone you already loved, it’s easy to get burned again. A relationship coach will help you prevent the damage by encouraging you to separate emotions from rationale and evaluate your true wants and desires. This way, you’ll build a no-fault and lasting relationship with your ex partner.

  • Happy couple smiling after solving a conflict thanks to a relationship coach

    Mutual understanding

    Arguments are inevitable in relationships, but the way you handle them makes all the difference. Together with your coach, you’ll find out where you stand on any issue and learn to compromise. This will help you bring out parts of the relationship that aren’t working without pointing fingers.

  • Woman being in harmony with herself after recovering from a breakup

    Peace and harmony

    With ongoing support of a certified relationship coach, you’ll get your power back after a breakup and feel alive again. You’ll implement practical strategies to develop patience, control your thoughts and stay true to yourself. You’ll also learn to forgive and turn life lessons into a fuel for future personal growth.

  • Flying heart of a person ready for new romantic relationships after life coaching sessions

    Open heart

    When looking for a new partner to share your life with, a relationship coach will help you avoid ill-considered moves and make your search not only pleasant and efficient but also deliberate. You’ll learn how to adjust your expectations, discover your real needs and get out of your comfort zone.

Simple and effective relationship help

Our coaches are ICF certified specialists who have deep expertise in the field of relationships and personal development.

The coaching process we provide is designed to help you understand yourself and your loved one on a deeper emotional level.

Through video sessions and chatting, you will get consistent support and use practical knowledge to make concrete changes and improve your partnership.

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How it works

  1. Take a 5-minute survey

    Answer a few questions about your current situation. This will help us better understand your relationship challenges and areas of improvement.

  2. Connect with a relationship coach

    Our system will quickly and automatically match you with a relevant relationship coach who specializes in your specific problem

  3. Start your transformation

    Begin an exciting journey of self-improvement with a relationship coach. Have regular sessions and uncover secrets to a better love life.

People trust us

Reviewer photo

Bridgette C.

Feb 1, 2022

Ever since I started working with a relationship coach, I realized my spouse and I will never be the same. It’s like we totally revamped the idea of us and grew up to smooth contradictions. We also started understanding each other’s needs better – the aspect I wanted to improve most. We’ve turned into a real power couple thanks to RiseSpace.

Reviewer photo

Tarrah M.

Aug 18, 2021

After years of separation, getting my ex boyfriend back felt scary. But a relationship coach motivated me to have a self-talk and objectively evaluate my situation before making decisions. The coach supported me when I took the risk and reconnected with him, and now we’re happy together like never before.

Reviewer photo

Kayla N.

Jul 14, 2022

When I saw my long-term relationship reach a dead end, I felt desperate and hopeless. But my relationship coach helped me get out there and talk openly about what bothers me. We outlived the drama between us and found the forces inside to move forward and improve. Now, we’re clicking on all levels: emotionally, sexually, and mentally. Thanks RiseSpace for that!

Reviewer photo

Maddie S.

Sep 24, 2021

Relationship coaching sessions helped me take an inside look and figure out who I am before giving my personal life a spin. I learned from mistakes and figured that I need to be more open before dating someone again. Now I feel way more comfortable knowing what to expect from myself

Frequently asked questions

  • What does a relationship coach do?

    A relationship coach is a certified specialist who helps individuals and couples to build a healthy romantic life through analysis, careful planning and action taking. Using professional experience and coaching-specific research, a relationship coach covers a wide range of problems and applies practical knowledge to provide continuous support and guidance.

  • I’m single, is it for me?

    Absolutely! Relationship coaching is about self-discovery and understanding of your own needs. Our coaches will help you figure out the complicated emotions and navigate you towards answers to questions that keep bothering you. You’ll follow a personalized plan to work through uncertainties, build confidence and get back into the world of relationships.

  • Is a relationship coach worth it?

    Relationship coaching gives you the tools and support to remove obstacles and let positive shifts happen in your life. If you remain open and work consistently throughout sessions, you’ll start noticing these shifts and ultimately live the life you always wanted. That’s how your effort will turn into long-lasting and measurable advantages.

  • How long does the coaching process take?

    The duration of a coaching program depends on several key factors: the goals you’re trying to achieve, your commitment to change, the frequency of coaching sessions and motivation to complete self-care exercises. Thus, the whole process can vary from a few weeks to a year and more.

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